Eureka. That is the word, generations of humans have said throughout history upon witnessing a revelation. That is exactly what I said when I witnessed true concentration for the first time. Everyday I try to meditate for a very short period of time during the day. This helps me to control my mind to keep it focused. However, I used to find that many times it would be very difficult for me control and focus my mind specially if it is really distracted by something on my mind.

A few days ago, I was having a similar episode of a distracted uncontrollable mind which had been going on for a couple of days before that. On that day for some reason I decided to consciously keep my body perfectly still and that’s when eureka moment happened. As soon as I did that, suddenly my mind became super focused. Something that I had not experienced, perhaps ever. The feeling was somewhat akin to standing on stable ground compared to a rocking plank of floating wood. It was a degree of concentration so strong that the primary focus of the mind did not shift even when I tried to intentionally distract my mind by loosening the train of thought.

Perhaps this was what the wise men of history meant by meditation. The ability of the front of the mind to focus on the mundane task, in my case holding my body perfectly still and it frees up the rest of the mind to focus on a single task. What fascinates me is the ability to replicate this feeling at will. I close my eyes, hold my body still and there it is.

However the irony of the matter is that even though I can achieve this concentration at will I can only use it to focus my mind and perhaps relax it. I have yet to use it to be able to concentrate on the task I am doing because once I open my eyes, my mind returns to it’s normal state, just slightly rejuvenated. Perhaps, with time I will learn to use this ability to be able to focus my mind to the task at hand for an extended period of time even when my eyes are open. Until then, I guess I’ll just have to practice more…

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