True test of the iPad

True test of the iPad

After having the iPad for almost 7 months now today I will be giving it the torture test. Can it replace a full blown laptop for short trips.

All these months although iPad has almost completely replaced the mac for surfing and emails, reading and light entertainment perposes, I always had the convenience of having a laptop just in case I needed it for those obscure tasks that require a computer. However, I personally feel that the Internet and technology has evolved enough that a small terminal to the Internet will be able to serve as a viable and hopefully preferred version of the travel laptop.

Update: after about a day and a bit I can confirm something I had suspected. It is actually the mythical desktop replacement for short trips, however with one exception. Custom software like VPN programs. Basically the deal is that it will not run any of those custom authentication software that companies use to log on to their VPNs; because, well the app for them don’t exist…yet. But I now firmly believe this is where the future is heading. The laptop has intact become the desktop and now there is a new kid on the block for your portable needs, the iPad.

I have used it in the hotel and used it on the train and a number of a various other places and the iPad has held up it’s own in every respect. I think this proves the concept that this tablet as long as it has the required essential, I.e. Connection to the Internet, may it be wifi or may it be 3G, it will serve your every need, almost.

To wrap it all up I would just want to say, if you travel a lot or have need for an ultraportable to take care of your general computing needs, get an iPad. If not, then get an iPad anyway cause you don’t know how much you needed it even though you didn’t realise it.

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